What ideas do you have?

We can find a way to strategically implement them!

We like to think outside the box.

And that means we don't necessarily do things
the way they've always been done! 

Your Personal
Marketing Coordinator

believes that
originality is king!

So, don't be surprised if we suggest something that seems "different". Experience has taught us that not every marketing plan fits the old template of traditional marketing. Conversely not every marketing plan fits the new paradigm of internet marketing. 

EXAMPLE: You know you should do social media. Or so you've been told. But you don't have money for Google or Facebook ads and you don't have staff to write engaging copy for social media websites. Also, you don't have a blog. So social media is out of your range right now.

MAYBE: Maybe not. Maybe there is another way. Everything in marketing falls on a spectrum from zero to ten and your business will fall somewhere in-between. You might be a two when it comes to social media. You might be a ten when it comes to engaging with the community in local events, and a four when it comes to direct mail.  

So what if you can't compete with Coke or Pepsi or even the business down the street?

Small business have choices and some don't cost a lot of money. There are many projects that can be accomplished by fairly modest means.

This is what Bright specializes in, so if you have big ideas but have hit a wall when it comes to executing them, please call us. We'd like to talk to you.