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"It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen." -Scott Belsky

When I was 16, my step-mother told me that thinking I was different was a bad thing and I should really stop. What she didn't understand was that I didn't think I was different as in "better", but that I saw things in a unique way and interpreted life from my own point of view. I didn't want...

Make Us Think!


There is something splendid about the creative process. When you set your mind to discover and create something original, it's as if all the good forces in the universe descend upon you to help you in your quest.

I don't know how many times in life a relationship has reached the point where so much was wanted from me that I would jokingly think that maybe I should get married.

Showing up


Sunday was my birthday, and my husband and I took a cruise around the Salish Sea. Our tour included a stop at Friday Harbor, a lovely little town on San Juan Island, and then a cruise around a bunch of the nearby islands.
But the real purpose of the day was whale watching.

I started doing online marketing in 2005, in the kindergarten days of all things digital. It was a great time because you could still ask bloggers to do reviews of products with no problem at all. In fact, I marketed a book online in 2007, and 50 bloggers accommodated me by reviewing the book on their blog and then putting...

Perception is everything. To those around us, we really are what they perceive us to be. Who we really are isn't that important. People size others up very quickly and assign their perception to a person. That may not change for a long time or maybe it never will.



Climbing those mountains