It's not so bad to be different.


When I was 16, my step-mother told me that thinking I was different was a bad thing and I should really stop. What she didn't understand was that I didn't think I was different as in "better", but that I saw things in a unique way and interpreted life from my own point of view. I didn't want to be like everyone else. I wanted to be an original, totally myself, not some clone within my culture.

As I got older and got into advertising and marketing, I could see that being unique was a good thing, especially if it was sincere. And if it was unique and done right, it could have a huge impact on the market. If it wasn't, then it felt like a sort of manipulation (to me) and I rejected it.

Finding something unique or finding a way to uniquely represent something, say an advertisement for example, is not easy work. I can't explain creativity and won't try to do that here, but I know something unique when I see it. We live in a world where so many things are derivative, and they become a droning sound of repeat, repeat, repeat. 

We live in a world that is constantly calling us to conform. It is demanded of us from every side, and it requires great strength to maintain your own self and integrity and not give in to how "they" think, how "they" dress, how "they" carry on in life, how "they" do relationships and everything else. I reject the idea that we must conform.

Music is a perfect example of how derivative our culture has become. We have a lot of female vocalists who all sing pretty much the same kind of music. We have bands that, after a while, all sound like each other. Books are the same. TV is no different in many quarters.

Finding the uniqueness of your company is not easy. When I opened my business, I had to really think about what was original about me and what it is that I do differently from the average marketing agency and how I might use that to really help small businesses. 

I don't want to be like anyone else out there. I don't want my website to look like any typical marketing website. I don't want my own marketing materials to represent anything other than who I am. I want all that to exude who I am, what I represent, what I value, and what I seek. And I want it to be unique enough to stand out as something different, and I want it immediately noticeable.

I would like to do the same for every company I represent. I think that companies deserve to fully represent who they are and not represent a repeat of what anyone else is doing. I know it's hard to find your uniqueness, or at least I think it is, but it can be done even if it takes time. I think taking the time is worth the effort and sometimes it takes a little while, but I hope you understand the real value of what it means to be uniquely who you are and what you value.