Hi, I'm Judy Gregerson, founder of
Bright Marketing & Consulting  
and I will be 
Your Personal Marketing Coordinator
at Bright Marketing & Consulting 
for your special marketing projects.

I know that the idea of having a personal marketing coordinator is different, but for some companies, that's what they need and it's all they need. They want someone to be there for special projects without hiring permanent or contract staff and they don't want to hire a big agency that charges monthly retainers. 

Bright Marketing & Consulting seeks to fill that gap for them and be their marketing coordinator until their marketing job is done. It's a different approach, but it works!

My background:

I've worked in many facets of marketing, advertising, consulting, direct mail and social media marketing, but what I do best is strategically plan and execute marketing programs that are right for your business. Plans that are strategically aimed at your target market and plans that will get you results. 

My background is in small and medium business marketing and have a 14 year track record of putting companies on the map. My experience includes managing the marketing department for a medical group with 100 providers, working with small retail stores, non-profits, two large daily newspapers, and many other small businesses--giving me a well-rounded background. I have implemented local and regional marketing thrusts, which is my specialty, and launched a co-op of 39 first-time authors (including Jay Asher who wrote 13 Reasons Why) to national attention (trust me, that's not easy) and helped them increase library and bookstore sales in their debut year.

Tell me what you need and I'll tell you how it can be done and I'll work hard to see that you are happy.

Our specialty: Newsletters, email projects, flyers, ads, press releases, websites, marketing materials, and even video!

There's always a way to drive more business to your company.