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Every company has a story to tell and marketing is about presenting your story (your brand) in a compelling and engaging way. The uniqueness of your business is a big part of what draws people in and your brand should always be at the forefront, even if is it written into the undertones of your marketing including your logo, your website and all your materials. It should be the thread that captivates your public and creates a desire to engage with you.  Your Personal Marketing Coordinator believes that the story is king and focuses on strongly integrating yours into all your marketing.

If you're not sure what your story is, we can help you uncover it!

We are new and small business experts.

We have over 40 years of experience in smaller, family-run businesses and have a particular sensitivity to their needs. Having worked in many aspects which include marketing, we know the value of a dollar and the need to stretch one as far as you can. But we also understand the mindset of the business owner. 

Starting or running a small business can be mind-boggling. Marketing can be daunting. Not knowing what to do next can be paralyzing. We can help you with all that and take that stress off your plate. 

Better yet, if your project isn't within our expertise, we will tell you upfront.

What we can do for you:

  • When you don't have a marketing agency or a marketing coordinator on staff and you need someone to fill in that gap, we're available for part-time, temporary projects as well as ongoing marketing needs. 
  • If you are just starting your small business and need help with materials, brochures, a website, or setting up and implementing a marketing plan or basic materials, we can make that process painless.
  • If you need someone to lead or advise you as you manage some of your own projects, we are available online, by phone or in person.

Our services include everything that has to do with BRANDING and marketing -- writing and editing of marketing materials, newsletters, ads, direct maile-newsletters for opt-in lists, websites, marketing planning, Internet marketing or filling in as your webmaster, to name a few. And we can get your marketing started in as little as a week in most cases. Our partners include graphic designers, videographers, digital marketing and email experts.   

We are Your Personal Marketing Coordinator for all your marketing projects.  We're there when you need us, gone when you don't.

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